Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Network Security Consultant Denver

We know your network can be vulnerable to attack. Hackers are getting more sophisticated every day. But we know how to stop them. Cadamier has your back. We are here day and night to help you keep your network safe.

At Cadamier we understand it's critical to be reachable when a important issue occurs. We are a network security consultant in Denver, where we cross-train our staff so that there is always someone ready with the expertise to your handle problems when you need it. 

Businesses, organizations and government entities come to us to help protect their computer and network information. We specialize in the security of networks and computer information systems. We are experts in network security, routing, and wide area communications. 
As your network security consultant in Denver, Cadamier focuses on understanding how a problem fits into your overall enterprise in a secure and complete way. 
Along with understanding the root cause, symptom, and problem, we also do our best to understand the larger holistic system surrounding the trouble. This lets us provide network security services solutions that fix your problems without affecting your other systems.

We continually strive to save our customers money by looking at both short-term and long-term solution strategies. You can be confident that Cadamier, as your network security consultant in Denver, creates solutions designed to withstand the test of time.

We know what to do and we react quickly. We are here for you, day and night. You need us to make sure your network is not compromised and we can help you do that. For the safety of your network and the security of your business or organization, contact Cadamier.

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Computer Network Reporting Services Denver

At Cadamier we offer computer network reporting services in Denver. We believe that log collection and security reporting are important aspects of network security that is often overlooked. It’s not enough to just sell and install a product without knowing how it will be used. It’s important to ask the right questions, like: ‘What do you want to do with your logs?’

What happens to logs is at the core of our business. Log collection and computer network reporting services in Denver is very crucial to monitoring whether your organization is secure, and becomes increasingly important with today’s information technology advancements.

Log Collection and Reporting can help answer these questions:

Can you tell me who's going to Facebook?
Is there any way to know who's wasting time on the net?
When was the last time you saw traffic coming out of that server?
When did it first start acting up?
What time did they try getting in?

In a network without logging, none of these questions can be answered with confidence.

In fact, if your current network security solution is made by Cisco, SonicWALL or Juniper/Netscreen, and you've not specifically purchased a logging system, then you have no way to know what your network is doing at night or after work hours.

However, Cadamier's computer network reporting services in Denver including logging, can help answer these questions. We can recommend and install solutions to collect and analyze logs from any firewall or routing system.

Cadamier has in-house software developers who work specifically on logging issues to ensure that data is accurately collected and reported.

One question often asked is: ‘Is that traffic pattern normal?’ Many companies can’t answer that, but we can.

Using Cadamier’s in-house stochastic analysis of your logs, we can highlight specific areas of interest in our forensic reports. We can tell you where the unusual events are, and quickly help you mitigate them.

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