Friday, September 11, 2015

Computer Network Breach Denver

Cadamier knows your network security is essential for your organization’s information system. The safety provided by our Intrusion Detection Systems-IDS can stop attackers before there is a computer network breach in Denver and they steal important information. 

The Intrusion Detection Systems-IDS are dedicated computer systems that are strategically located in key segments of your network. They are setup to continually watch active network traffic for known attack signatures and conditions.

When a recognized attack or condition exists, all information about it is recorded and a pre-programmed response is executed that issues an alert and/or stops the connection cold by injecting packets to stop the attack. IDS protection supplements firewall protection because firewalls only allow permitted traffic. 

An IDS examines the contents of that traffic as it passes in and out of the firewall and determines if that content contains an embedded attack.

Intrusion Detection Systems deployed by Cadamier utilize a combination of dedicated detection devices (sensors) and a centralized alert notification system that is used to watch the behavior of the network in real time to prevent a computer network breach in Denver.

Continuing maintenance of an intrusion detection system entails the tuning of security policies, custom policy revisions, installation of updates, and troubleshooting to stop a computer network breach in Denver. 

IDS monitoring is recommended by Cadamier because it provides assurance that the IDS systems are continuously operational. If an IDS system stops functioning, it leaves you unprotected. Monitoring also provides you with skilled Cadamier engineers who will review your IDS records on a regular basis, spotting attacks and network problems, and will recommend solutions.

At the customer's request, Cadamier can also provide enforcement capabilities as well.  In the event that someone tries to perform something more invasive than a simple scan, Cadamier will track down the attacker for you, inform the proper authorities of the questionable activity, while keeping the identity of your organization confidential.

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