Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Computer Network Content Filtering Denver

Content filtering helps prevent your employees or members from mis-using the internet.

The necessity of allowing employees to use the internet usually outweighs the dangers of their internet mis-use, but computer network content filtering in Denver is something that must be dealt with and has become an important consideration for businesses and organizations.

Content filtering has traditionally been an expensive endeavor. It required an investment in content filter subscriptions and attention to maintaining a working system while protecting against employees mis-using the Internet.

But things have improved. Cadamier has had great success with SmoothWall/Smooth Guardian. In addition to being an excellent firewall system and adding another layer of security to your corporate network, it has a computer network content filtering in Denver solution that provides a new level of excellence. It also is much less expensive than the other leading solutions.

One of the greatest things about the SmoothWall/Smooth Guardian is that by using a combination of blocklists containing categorized lists of known websites, and performing content analysis of the language used in web pages your employees visit, it can allow your users to know when they're violating your Internet usage policies.

Cadamier can help you with computer network content filtering in Denver which allows you to prevent your employees from mis-using the Internet with the SmoothWall/SmoothGuardian product which provides both a flexible and scalable firewall solution, with enterprise class computer network content filtering in Denver for your network.

For more information about Cadamier Network Security, visit our website at www.cadamier.com.

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