Saturday, June 11, 2016

Computer Network Data Collection Services

Your network is a key part of your company's information. 

Keeping that network safe is crucial to your company. Part of that is knowing what's happening on your network. Cadamier can help you by offering computer network data collection services

It's important to collect logs from your equipment in order to ensure your business integrity as well as protect yourself from electronic theft. That’s where Cadamier’s computer network data collection services can help improve your security. 

Many existing firewall solutions have no logging capability or it’s not being used, which leaves you without any audit tracking. Cadamier has found that some of these solutions even lose logs under certain circumstances.

Security is more than just putting the right devices together. It's about integrating those systems, and collecting the data they produce online.

You need computer network data collection services. Cadamier currently sells Log Collection Systems and analysis solutions from Net IQ, Cisco, and AdventNet. These applications provide a great base for data collection and traffic analysis, and when combined with Cadamier’s reporting services, can produce more information about your network traffic statistics than any single commercial product currently on the market.

Cadamier’s computer network data collection services gives you data to help you evaluate and focus your network security.

We will work with you to develop the best and safest systems to protect your network. It's too important not to.

You do everything you can to make your business or organization successful, so you need to collect data for your network.
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