Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How to Increase Network Security with Remote Employees

Thanks to technology, the old business model where everyone was required to work in one location is changing. Many businesses now give employees the option to work from home and other locations. But with this new flexibility comes the concern of how to increase network security with remote employees. Cadamier Network Security in Denver can help your company or organization protect your information with advanced security management and network design strategies.

Allowing remote employees to have location flexibility can help keep business costs down, increase overall productivity, and even boost morale. But cyber dangers remain and remote locations are often points of increased vulnerability. Many companies are struggling to effectively communicate the need for network security and vigilance to keep company and customer data protected.

Remote and mobile employees often don’t realize that cyber threats are lurking everywhere, such as hotels, conferences, airports, and shared computers. But this extends beyond computers and includes possible attacks on company smartphones, tablets, laptops and storage devices like USB drives.

In addition, thefts of computers, tablets, or phones with company information or access are a real and growing threat now. Never let your information devices out of your sight.

According to a Business 2 Community article, as more and more employees work remotely, a company should consider several things when developing your strategic information security plans. Let’s review.

Provide Clear Objectives and Boundaries
The first step in how to increase network security with remote employees is to openly communicate the company’s objectives and rules for cyber security. Remote employees need to be aware of the dangers and understand that just because they are not in the corporate office, they are still responsible for their actions. There should be strict boundaries and accountability for a breach. Remote employees must be aware of the risks and proactively protect company and client information, both personal and business.

Consider Going Cloud-Based
You may want to consider using a cloud-based system where information is stored on an off-site server with advanced security. Instead of important company or client information being kept on a laptop that can be stolen, it’s securely saved in the cloud where remote employees can access it on-demand. Your employees should be reminded that public wi-fi networks can be easily hacked and shouldn’t be used.

Prohibit Unsecured Wireless Networks
The danger of using unsecured wireless networks should be communicated and reiterated to all remote employees. Unsecured wi-fi at coffee shops, restaurants or airports provide convenience, but they leave your company susceptible to attacks and breaches. They should never be used.

Change Passwords and Make Them Unique
One thing your employees can do to enhance security is to create secure passwords that don’t contain their personal information such as their birth date, pet’s name or child’s name. Passwords should always be unique, with at least 12 characters, including a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Don’t forget to tell your employees to change their password often and ask them not to use the same password for different websites, applications, and corporate systems.

Protect Email Access
Guarding email access is crucial in providing network security, not only from direct attacks but from hacker phishing emails as well. Your employees should always use a secure webmail program that encrypts messages before they are sent. Your company should also update virus protection regularly since viruses and malware still pose a serious security risk.

Keep an Eye on Your Equipment
And of course, remind employees to be aware of their surroundings. When traveling or at offsite meetings, making sure their laptop and phone never leave their sight is an easy way to prevent theft.

The old office structure is out. Virtual offices are in. But the convenience and cost savings should never outweigh the concern of how to increase network security with remote employees. Our cyber experts at Cadamier Network Security in Denver can help your company or organization develop objectives and strategies to keep employee equipment safe and ensure the privacy of client and company data. Call or contact us today and let’s put the right plan in place for maximum protection.

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