Friday, November 17, 2017

Network Security Essentials for Small Businesses

Network Security Essentials for Small Businesses Cadamier Denver
Here at Cadamier in Denver, we want to share a bit about network security essentials for small businesses. Sometimes, small business owners think that cybercriminals only go after big companies. Unfortunately, this can put them at risk. Powerful network security can protect you from empty accounts, as well as stolen business and client information.

Sometimes, cybercriminals seek out smaller businesses specifically because they tend to lack high levels of security. If you want to protect your company, take a look at our list of network security essentials for small businesses.

Use Some Security Basics
Small businesses need to change their thinking to be more reflective of big businesses. For example, small business should follow rigorous guidelines for system and data safety. Some of these guidelines include:

·        Install firewalls for both wire-based access points and wireless access points.
·        Install anti-malware on both servers and endpoints.
·        Install spam filters. This will help keep out phishing emails.
·        Install patch updates for applications and operating systems as they are issued.
·        Install white-listing. This will help prevent inappropriate software downloads.

Backup Your System Regularly
There are a number of ways your systems can be damaged. Malware, hackers, floods, fires, earthquakes, and even bad employees can cause problems for your system security. Disaster recovery is key to cybersecurity and can only be successful if your system is regularly backed-up and the back-ups are monitored for success.

Train Employees
Employees are a line of defense for your business. Training them is an important step in ensuring that your employees are able to help maintain your cybersecurity. Employees who lack cybersecurity training are frequently the cause of security breaches.

Creating policies to help your employees understand your network security needs and expectations is a good way to protect your business. Check their compliance and repeat training regularly. Also, consider penalties for failure to comply with your security policies.

Mobile Device Policies 
Your cybersecurity needs to include mobile devices in addition to your own computer system. Determine appropriate access and balance the needs of your business with the personal data use of your employees. If you need help determining the best policies and procedures for your business, we here at Cadamier in Denver can help. We can also help you with various aspects of your cybersecurity needs and provide comprehensive packages for your business’s needs.

Protect All Your Data
You need to know where your data resides: cloud services, mobile devices, desktop computers, and servers. You need to be sure that all the locations have network protection. You even need to be concerned about disposal of your data to ensure that old devices will not pose a security risk to your business. Don’t forget about disposal of sensitive paper documents. Proper shredding and disposal are still important in the digital world of today.

Keeping track of all the network security essentials for small businesses can be hard. Here at Cadamier in Denver, we can help your small business have the big business security it needs to be safe and protected.

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