Monday, February 19, 2018

Why You Need Log Collection and Security Reporting

Here at Cadamier Network Security Corporation in Denver, we want to share more about why you need log collection and security reporting for your business. Regardless of the size of your organization, these are important components used in monitoring your network for vulnerabilities and attacks.

Purpose of Logs
Log data is a great way to help you ensure that your data security methods are proactive. They also help you make it more difficult for someone trying to breach your security systems. Log data can help you analyze and understand what occurs within your network regularly and this can help you expose attacks and identify the damage done quickly. Each log contains valuable information that can be incredibly useful if you know how to use and analyze each one.

Log data can even help you find breaches in your security in real-time rather than after the damage has been done. Log management systems can help you achieve accurate real time analysis which can help you create real-time responses to cyber-security threats. For example, users can be logged off and the system can be shut down in response to a threat.

Analyzing and Monitoring Logs
Having a log can help you establish what is normal for your networks and this is an important step in allowing you to identify abnormal logon activity. Abnormal activity can then be analyzed using log management. This will enable you to understand root causes for abnormal activity and correlate events and log activity from many devices simultaneously. This can be a great benefit to your business’s security.

While you may understand the need for monitoring servers, firewalls, and network devices, you may benefit from monitoring workstation logs as well. Workstation logs can also give you key information. It can tell you, for example, if someone connected a USB, when it was connected and whether it was an authorized connection. This may help you establish if an employee is doing something unauthorized or breaking your cyber-security protocols.

If you need assistance with log collection, analysis, and security reporting, contact us here at Cadamier in Denver. We can help you with your network security needs and improve your company’s cyber-protections, including log creation and management.

Logs for Auditing
Creating logs, storing them, and analyzing them allows you to create a security audit trail. While these trails are mainly used for security purposes, they can be used for other audit purposes as well. To audit log files effectively, it is likely that a log file management solution will be needed. Log analysis software can automate what may seem like an impossible task and it can make your log management effective and timely while increasing your cyber-security.

If your business is looking for effective log file creation and security reporting, contact us here at Cadamier Network Security Corporation in Denver. We can provide you with the log management security solutions you need. Now that you know why you need log collection and security reporting, contact us for the best solutions for your business and security needs.

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