Friday, March 16, 2018

Network Security with a Firewall

At Cadamier Network Security Corporation in Denver, we understand the value of network security with a firewall. Firewalls, which continue to evolve and improve, have become very commonplace as they are a proven defense mechanism against an increasing and changing variety of cyber-threats. Today, we discuss a few details to help you better understand how firewalls can protect your business.

What is a Firewall?
Think of a firewall as perimeter fences. Basically, they monitor incoming and outgoing traffic to determine whether it should be allowed or blocked. Firewalls have become increasingly sophisticated and can now implement control policies and more thoroughly inspect packets of traffic. Additionally, firewalls can perform tests on packets to determine if they are safe.

Stateful Firewalls
Stateful takes network security with a firewall to another level, allowing traffic examination to be performed more holistically. For example, this approach can configure your firewall to allow some traffic through for certain users while at the same time blocking other traffic for other users.

Next-Gen Firewalls
Firewalls that have integrated more advanced features are referred to as next-generation firewalls. These more advanced options can include the integration of intrusion detection and prevention as well as encrypted traffic inspection.

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Proxy-Based Firewalls
These firewalls act as a gateway between end users (requesters) and the source of the data. With a proxy server, all traffic is filtered before it arrives at the end user. This protects end users, who are often clients, from threats by masking requester identities.

Web Application Firewalls
Instead of sitting at an entry or exit point, web application firewalls are located in front of specific applications. These firewalls are intended to protect application servers.

Firewall Hardware
Firewall hardware is generally a server that is able to be a filtering router while running firewall software. Multiple servers can be used throughout a system to handle the capacity needed for a business.

Firewall Software
This is generally the central manager of firewall deployment. Your software can be used to configure features, control analysis, and implement your cybersecurity policies.

Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)
To better accomplish the finer points of cybersecurity measures, a number of companies are using next-generation firewalls in conjunction with IPS products. This combination can help companies perform signature tracing and improved anomaly protection. The combination allows companies to better prevent threats from entering corporate networks.

This is a feature that has started to be included in some next-generation firewalls. This allows the firewall to contain unknown traffic or coding and run it in a test environment. This allows your security to better determine when such traffic is going to cause your company trouble.

If you need to improve your network security with a firewall or upgrade your existing firewall arrangement, contact us here at Cadamier in Denver. We can help you improve your cybersecurity and better protect your business.

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