Monday, April 16, 2018

Why You Absolutely Need a Firewall for Your Website

Why You Absolutely Need a Firewall for Your Website
With the average data breach costing around $3.6 million, it's vital that your company is safe from any nefarious actors. When a hacker gets into your servers, they can take control your system and all its users. You desperately need a firewall to ensure your customers and company are well protected.

With the prevalence of ransomware like the widespread WannaCry hack in recent years, hackers have gotten more sophisticated. As ransomware gets easier to deploy, smaller systems and companies are at a higher risk. A hack could damage your brand, your public perception, and even lead to lawsuits.

If you're not sure if you need a firewall, you should get to know more about what kind of insurance they can offer.

Here are three reasons to consider a firewall.

1. Protect Your Assets

The work that your company does likely resides on your company's servers. If you create any copywritten material or digital projects, a hacker could get ahold of your licensed material and distribute it for free.

Media companies that create films, music, and other media could lose profits when data goes out before it's planned release date.

You could also put sensitive employee communications at risk. If you're in the middle of any kind of legal settlement, those details could put the whole deal in jeopardy. You need to protect your employee communication as intently as you protect your financial assets.

2. Protect Your Users

If you have user data stored in your system, you should treat that with care and respect. The payment information that users keep on your servers is expected to be safe and secure. If hackers can breach a firewall and get to it, your reputation could be severely damaged.

Failure to protect your users could lead to a lawsuit or a general distrust, the losses of which are hard to calculate.

3. Be A Step Ahead Of The Competition

Not every company prioritizes the importance of securing their users' data. If your competitors get hacked, you can be the company they turn to for all of their needs in your industry. With your competitors marked as unsecured, you'll be able to take advantage of a gap left in the market.

Users that were the victims of poor company practices will be wary about working with another company. Offer them a discount in response to the costs they'll be accruing due to their compromised data.

You Need A Firewall

With all that could go wrong with anything from unsecured wi-fi networks to negligent employees, you should implement a firewall. A firewall will ensure that your company's communications stay within the company. You won't be walking down the street and see a competitor has suddenly got a product that looks and acts just like the product you were working on.

If you want to learn more about network security, check out our guide to systems with firewalls. If you need help with your network security in Denver, feel free to give us a call at 303-394-9426. We'll be glad to help if you need a firewall.

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